en 856 r13 hose for phosphoric acid

Phosphorus-containing copolymers, method for the production

with an ethylenically unsaturated monomer R13 is a linear or branched C1-C6-alkylene of a C6-C10-aminoarylphosphoric acid ester


NR12R13, NH2, NHR12 or NR12R13, wherein R12 and R13 are hydrogen, arylphosphoric acids, such as phenylphosphoric acid, alkylphosphoric acids,

forming a fire resistant halogen-free insulating film for

20101219-A polyphenylene resin composition comprising: (i) a polyphenylene ether resin, (ii) a phosphoric acid ester, and (iii) a dispersed substance

Coating compositions comprising a latent activator for

R13 and R14 can be the same or different and thiophosphoric acid, fluorophosphoric acid, hexaethylenically unsaturated polymer such as a

Lubricant for compression type refrigerating machine and

wherein R10 to R13 have the same meaning as above. As the vinyl a phosphate-type additive such as monoesters of phosphoric acid, diesters

Composition based on copolycarbonates

2002123-phosphoric acid and phosphonic acid esters, phospho [0103] R13 and R14 independently of one hoses and housings for garden watering eq

Silver halide photographic light sensitive material and light

Pat. Nos. 2,095,854, 2,095,856, 2,955, N--R13 (R13 is an alkyl group), X sulfuric acid ester group or phosphoric acid

N-benzoylureidocinnamic acid derivatives, processes for

2006620-(C1–C4)-alkyl; R13 and R14 are, independently of each other, H, (C1acids, such as hydrochloric acid, hydrobromic acid, phosphoric acid,


phosphoric acid ester such as a phosphoric acid dibutyl, a phosphoric acid AlR11R12R13 (X) (where R11 and R12 are the same or different


concentrated sulfuric acid, perchloric acid or phosphoric acid, are R12 and R13, independently of one another, are H, F, Cl, CrC4alkyl,


2010420-5- dioxohexanoatefrom Meldrums acid derivative (R12)R13 and phenyl, with the proviso, that oxalic acid, phosphoric acid and mixtures

Method and system for hydrogen evolution and storage

acid, alkenyl carboxylic acid, alkenyl phosphoric acid, alkenyl phosphonic acid, —OR12,—N(H)(R12) and —N(R12R13) wherein R12 and R13 are

molded product therefrom, process for preparing the same

--CONH--R13 --NR14 R15 where R13 represents a sulfonic acid group, a phosphoric acid group When the concentration of ethylenically

Novel indole derivative, material for light-emitting device

R13, R14 or R15 is selected from an alkyl a phosphoric amido group (preferably having from a hydroxamic acid group, a sulfino group, a

Cleaning agent for hard surface

2. The polymerizable phosphoric acid ester derivative according to claim 1,[R12-O]q-R13- wherein R12 and R13 may be -CH(CH3)-CH2- or -CH2

crosslinked product and process for production thereof,

R12 and R13 each inde- 20 pendently represent 5 a phosphoric acid salt, a metal complex and pipes or hoses, profile extrusion articles,

Composition based on copolycarbonates

phosphoric acid and phosphonic acid esters, phospho R13 and R14 independently of one another denote hoses and housings for garden watering equipment

Polyalkylpiperidinesulfonic acid esters

R13 is hydrogen or C1 -C4 -alkyl, R14 is hydrogen, C1 -C20 -alkyl, phosphoric acid or amidosulfonic acid or, in particular, organic acids,

Use of tris(2-hydroxyphenyl)methane derivatives for tertiary

acid groups -P02M2 or phosphoric acid groups -with -(-CH2-CH(R13)---O-)n-S03H groups.(DIN EN 14210), a standard tensiometer was

as medicaments, new active substances and processes for

Houben-Weyl, Methoden der organischen Chemiephosphoric acid, nitric acid, sulphuric acid, R13 represents a C1 -C3 -alkyl radical, are

Polyaspartate derivatives for use in detergent compositions

(R3)) where R3 is H or C1-C4 alkyl; R13 is: wherein R1, R2, R885% phosphoric acid (1.76 g, 0.015 mol) and water (18 g, 1 mol)

polysiloxanes with block character and use thereof for

acid selected from the group sulfuric acid, sulfonic acid, phosphoric acid,(6d) R13, R14 are alkyl radicals having 1 to 4 carbon atoms, R15 is

Agent for improving acidosis

acid, hydrobromic acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, etc. or R12 and R13 may be combined to form a ring; R6 and R7 are the

Chemically active ceramic compositions with a phospho-acid

R13 and R14 is ##STR35## wherein at least one of R15, R16 and by dissolving suitable amounts of the dialkyl phosphoric acid in a

Fluids based on glycol compounds, for metal corrosion

is a mixture of acid phosphoric esters obtained by reacting phosphorus(V) R13 is H, C1- to C18-alkyl or a radical of the formula below in

Heterogeneous catalyst and process for producing oxirane

200923- a tungstic acid compound, phosphoric acid, hydrogen peroxide and a Specific examples of R11, R12 and R13 include hydrogen atom, methyl

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